What they didn’t teach us in schools.

Huge fan of Alain de Botton (even bigger fan of his voice). If you aren’t already familiar, please check out his YouTube channel ‘The School of Life,’ where he uses beautifully animated illustrations to explain everyday emotional and psychological problems.

And it really is fascinating this channel. It’s almost like they’ve figured out the SEO keywords for all your anxieties:

Need help knowing why you’re so lost and broken?

School of Life will figure it out for you with a video essay that goes all the way to your past and unearths deep pertaining daddy issues.

Want to know if…

This is how sci-fi is done.

Of course you start this year with a post-apocalyptic sci-fi about a planet suffering from an ecological crisis and political warfare. Of course you do.

‘Dune’ is science-fiction that makes you question- how much science-fiction could you write so that it’s too much science fiction? And the Herbert family (of which father Frank wrote 6 books of the original Dune
series, while son Brian expanded it to another 14), tell you- ’Not enough.’

All the way back in 1965, Frank Herbert sat down on his desk and thought-

A comic illustration of the original article published by DHH.

Absolutely loved Jason Fried and DHH’s book ‘Rework’. Short, crisp, no-bullshit advice for newbie entrepreneurs, freelancers or people stuck in 9-to-5s hoping to do something of their own.

Was extremely fascinated by this section in particular and decided to make an illustrated comic of it.

In times when pumped-up influencers of LinkedIn advice you to hustle and scale-up, here were two people giving you a set of persuasive reasons on why it’s wise for one to find a sense of satisfaction in being a ‘small business’.

Although in this context, the words may have been primarily aimed at entrepreneurship and…

There is a ‘now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t’ coin trick performed by tech ethicist Tristan Harris a few minutes into this Netflix documentary. I think it signifies a lot of how I feel about the information presented by it.

We’ve all been vaguely aware of the dangers of living in an environment controlled by countless algorithms. You text a friend about those cursed spring vacation plans and suddenly travel agency ads on websites have slashed their flight ticket prices by 20% just for you.

You briefly exchange cute cat videos on Instagram with someone you met on a dating platform, and now the platform…

A not-so-useful guide to choose a hobby you could excel at during the ongoing Pandemic.

If there’s one thing I’ve realised during this period of social isolation, is that I’m going to have a particularly difficult time explaining to people what I did during it.

Because the thing is, I didn’t do anything in particular.

I mean I tried making these illustrations:

Original comic on my Instagram

But I don’t know if anybody is giving out awards for excellence at drawing stick figures? (If there are, I’m pretty sure Randall Munroe is going to swipe up all of them. He might actually just draw an illustration on ‘Different ways he’d carry all the awards he’d get for drawing stick figures’.)

A timeless memoir teaching creators the importance of taking everything one day at a time.

I didn’t do anything today. Or yesterday. Or the day before that.

It was amazing.

I slept at 5, woke up at 11, performed the daily morning ritual of scrolling-through-all-the-apps-on-my-phone-until-I-was-sick-of-scrolling-through-all-the-apps-on-my-phone and suddenly it was 12.

I brushed my teeth, made the morning tea (black with lots of ginger) and performed the morning/afternoon tea ritual of scrolling-through-all-the-apps-on-my-phone-until-I-was-sick-of-scrolling-through-all-the-apps-on-my-phone and the next thing you know it was 1.

I made some breakfast/ lunch/ brunch- ‘anda bhurji and heavily buttered pao’ (Nothing fancy today. Not in the mood for Instagram validation), and again went on to perform, you guessed it, the daily brunch ritual…

A step-by-step guide for creators on how to give up on the idea they’re working on

This is you.

Well, let us assume for a while it is you. Although that face structure does you no justice at all, you’re way more good looking than that. But for the sake of our narrative, let us embody ourselves into that lanky stick figure with a weirdly long neck.

Now, as a creator or writer or artist or anybody who is working on a project (trying to), this is you in your natural habitat:

Photo by Micheile Henderson @micheile010 // Visual Stories [nl] on Unsplash

Logic agrees that the sensible, industrious and productive thing to do in times of nationwide protests is to cover our eyes.

We have every right to do so. If the constitution gives the people protesting the Freedom of Expression, it also gives us the right to not express and engage ourselves with it at all. And to hell with people who’d blame us for being apolitical. We have enough of our own stuff going on. …

Discussing food stories, the Forbidden Fruit Effect and the transformation to being a meat-eater, in a land that is making it extremely difficult to become one.

Photo by Victoria Shes on Unsplash

When I was eight years old I was obsessed with fruit jellies. The ones that came in little conical plastic cups. Flavors of litchi and strawberry and orange. My grandfather would bring an entire packet containing about twenty of those when he came back from the office in the evening. As soon as I would finish them off (which didn’t take too long, to be honest ) he’d bring home another one.

One night I woke with a start at about 3 in the morning. I went to the loo and puked what was a stream of jelly flavoured vomit.

Disclaimer: This is a review of the interview with Sandeep Vanga Reddy where he reviews the reviews of his film ‘Kabir Singh’. If you haven’t seen the interview, you should probably head to Youtube and while away those precious 35 minutes of your life that you could’ve otherwise invested in finding an alternative fuel source.

(Source: Youtube)

Before we begin, this is to clarify I haven’t seen the film. I don’t want to.

Not because I’m not curious. I definitely am. I would love some of that popcorn. …

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