TIL 12: All about the timing

Do you remember ‘Interstellar’ and Hans Zimmer’s glorious soundtrack in it?

Well, today I learned, that in the water planet scene of the movie, there’s a very audible ticking sound in the musical score that plays in the background.

This tick in the score happens every 1.25 seconds. And each tick signifies an entire passing day on Earth, while they were on the other planet.

Somebody on Reddit actually did the math on this:

“Every hour on Miller is about 7 years on Earth.”

There are 3600 seconds in an hour, and (86400 x 365.25 x 7) or roughly 221,000,000 seconds in 7 years.

This gives us a conversion factor of 221,000,000/3600 ≈ 61400 seconds, which passes on Earth for every second spent on Miller- the water planet.

In fact, a lot of the movie, including the dialogue, was filmed keeping time dilation principles in mind guided by physicist Kip Thorne.

This fact right here is too close to be a coincidence, and if it were deliberate this would probably be the best Easter Egg of all time.

Just another day we’re floored by the genius of Hans Zimmer and Christopher Nolan.


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