TIL 14: The Wi-fi is Dino

One of the greatest product design Easter Eggs would be Google Chrome’s ‘Dino Game’.

Need to send an important email but the Wi-Fi’s down? Trying to load a news video in a low network zone?

Simply press the spacebar and vent your frustration away with a fun offline game.

Googlers Sebastian Gabriel and Alan Bettes thought of the initial design for an ‘endless runner’ game in 2014. The idea of a ‘prehistoric theme’ was a play on how offline life feels.

The visual style, with the ‘Pong’ sound effects, was a nod to the traditional pixel-art arcade games.

The Dino game is probably one of the most popular features of Chrome, with more than 270 games played every month. It got to a point where Google had to give enterprise admins a way to disable it as school kids & adults who were supposed to be working really got into it.

Its appeal could be drawn to its simplicity- an easy run, jump, duck game at the click of a single button. The reflex-based play sneaks in well during boring work meetings or long University lectures.

So is there any way to beat this ‘endless runner’ game? Well, Google has coded it to last 17 million years-same amount of time the T-rex was alive on Earth. But maybe a lot of our spacebars would give in by then.

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